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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Online Calendars

Using an online calendar can help the busiest person stay on track. You can keep your school assignments as well as your social commitments straight. Never again will you forget when your History paper is due or who you have a date with next Saturday. By using an online calendar you can access it anywhere, anytime and anyplace, provided you have access to a computer and the Internet!

We will look at three different free online calendars:

1. Google Calendar - Take the tour here.

2. Yahoo Calendar – With Yahoo calendar you can access dates and meetings and you can share your calendar with friends you choose. There are also automatic reminders to help keep you on track.

3. 30 Boxes - You can publish or display this calendar on your blog if you have one. You can set your calendar so that only those that you invite can view it under advanced settings. It is easy to add events.

Discovery exercise:

1. Create an account using one of the calendars mentioned above.
2. Change the settings.
3. Add events for this month.
4. Leave a comment naming your favorite online calendar.

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