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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Online Safety

Instant messaging, blogging and using social networks are quick and easy ways to share ideas and keep in contact with friends. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind while you do so.
  • Age Requirement
    • Only use sites where you meet the age requirements
  • Protect your personal information
    • Don't use your real name in your email address or screen name.
    • Think before you give your email to a company/organization or enter it to participate in a contest. You could end up with a lot of spam.
    • Don’t post your address, phone number and social security number on the Web or give them to anyone.
    • When setting up an account, remember to set the preferences. Only allow people listed as a Friend or a Buddy to chat with you, email you or see your profile.
  • Watch what you post
    • Don’t post photos or information that you wouldn’t want your parents or your teacher to see.
    • Use an avatar for your profile instead of a photo. Photos can be altered by other people and posted in other places on the Web.
  • Friends & buddy lists
    • Make sure your “Friends” or “Buddies” are people you actually know and can identify. People are less likely to give you trouble if they know you can identify them.
  • Take action when trouble starts
    • If anyone threatens you online or makes you feel uncomfortable, block them and file a complaint on the site or talk to an adult.
Discovery Resources

Can't see the above video, watch it on YouTube.
Watch the HCPL Legend Busters: Internet Safety Video above and select one of the following links to videos about online safety.

Discovery Exercise
  • Play ID the Creep to see if you can spot the unsafe online contacts.
  • Find out about some of the stories from Real Life teens.

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